Bonus Material

Bowman Area Crags

This webpage contains supporting material for the Bowman Area Crags. This material includes an interactive map, GPS data, route and area updates, access issues, alerts, and guidebook corrections.

Area Map

GPS Data

Download the GPS data for your device - Bowman Area Crags (KML), Bowman Area Crags (KMZ)

Route and Area Updates

4/28/2017 - Due to the extremely wet winter, a large quantity of water is being discharged through The Emeralds Gorge. All the routes are inaccessible at this time.


5/20/2017 - Bowman lake road is now open, however, the concrete spillway located a short distance past the Larry Land/Fun House parking area is damaged. Vehicles can not pass this point. B Word, Scottland, Boy Scout Wall and the Rediscovery Domes must be reached via foot travel.

The Bowman Area Crags are located inside the western end of the Tahoe National Forest, and as such are governed by National Forest rules and regulations. Always make sure to check for campfire restrictions.

Bowman Lake Road (Forest Service Route 18) is paved for the first 10 miles. The unpaved portion leading to Bowman Lake is rough but accessible by two-wheel drive vehicles having average clearance coupled with slow driving. Continuing past the lake requires high clearance but is still two-wheel drive accessible. Early and late in the year, the road may be closed due to snow. Contact the Tahoe National Forest Service for current road conditions. The road crosses both public and private lands. Please act responsibly and be respectful of private landowners' wishes.

All of the crags in the Emeralds as well as many in the Bowman Valley are located on public land leased to Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). Access to any and all of the climbing in this area is subject to their guidelines and policies. Don't endanger future access to the region; please obey posted signs and verbal instructions from all PG&E personnel.