Bonus Material

Cold Stream Canyon

This webpage contains supporting material for Cold Stream Canyon. This material includes route and area updates, access issues, alerts, and guidebook corrections.

Route and Area Updates

6/1/2018 - IMPORTANT UPDATE. The driving approach described in the guidebook is not passible by 4-wheel vehicles. The road at mile 3.2, where it passes through a tunnel beneath the railway, is severely washed out. This is approximately 2.5 from the Cold Stream parking area. It is possible to reach the crag via 2-wheeled vehicle or by foot. An update will be posted here when the road is again passable.


Cold Stream Road passes through public as well as private lands. Both parking areas as well as the far left end of the crag reside on land owned by Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI). SPI's forest lands are generally open to recreational use. However, they do not allow overnight camping or any fires on their property. Please act responsibly and be respectful of the private landowner's wishes. Do not jeopardize future access to this area. More information is available at