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Auburn Quarry aka Cave Valley

This webpage contains supporting material for Auburn Quarry aka Cave Valley. This material includes an interactive map, GPS data, route and area updates, access issues, alerts, and guidebook corrections.

Area Map

GPS Data

Download the GPS data for your device - Auburn Quarry (KML), Auburn Quarry (KMZ)

Route and Area Updates

There are no updates at this time.


The Auburn Quarry is currently open to climbing seven days a week between 7 am and sunset. Official park policy requires that visitors leave before sunset. Camping is not permitted.

Although there are a number of enticing walls above the Middle Quarry, this area is privately owned and is off limits to climbers. The landowner, Teichert Materials, actively quarries here. Please do not jeopardize access by climbing on this land.

There may be climbing restrictions due to nesting peregrine falcons in the Middle Quarry, Twin Towers area between February and July. The restriction is variable and may be applied to other sections of the crag. The banned sections will be delimited by markers at the crag base.